General Motors and Northwood University Partnership


The Center of Learning has partnered with Northwood University to offer Retail Professional Development Advanced Learning Programs for automotive retail. Northwood University has long been regarded as an academic institution that prepares and develops future leaders, especially in automotive retail.

Retail Professional Development is targeted specifically to the needs of the learner, as well as the needs and enhancement of the dealership.

Retail Professional Development highlights:

GM Center of Learning Partnership with Northwood University

The Center of Learning chose Northwood University as its educational partner because of the institution's unique focus on business and automotive marketing/management education - 2,500 Northwood University graduates work in automotive retail positions. The university's long history with automotive retail management allowed its academic specialists to customize a program specifically tailored to the needs of GM team members, dealerships and their future leaders.

Northwood University also brings experience and a tradition of partnering and providing students, research, speakers and programs for business and organizations ranging from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA), NCM Associates and the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA).


To ensure the program is flexible and appeals to a broad segment of automotive professionals, there are three core offerings for participants to pursue within Retail Professional Development. Each features a tailored curriculum to engage and challenge participants and help them critically learn, grow, and actively apply their learning in the retail automotive environment.

The offerings are:

Depending on the level of education and academic attainment desired, Retail Professional Development allows participants to select a tailored approach that best meets their professional goals. Whether the aim is to develop specialized skill sets or earn a bachelor's degree, Retail Professional Development provides educational opportunities that have a direct application to the retail automotive environment. Up to 30 credits may be awarded through the Prior Learning Assessment.

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